3D Guided Dental Implants

3D Guided Dental Implants

Get your smile back with 3D Guided Dental Implants!

Placing implants safely, accurately, and predictably.

3D guided dental implant surgery is a latest technology surgery that is done with the help of three-dimensional CT scan. 3D technology makes implant placement highly accurate and safe thereby by reducing the chance of damage to important neighboring anatomical structures. A mock up of the entire procedure is prepared on the computer to assess and plan the exact location of the implants. This is then replicated in the patient using a laboratory made surgical stent, thereby decreasing the duration for the surgery and increasing the accuracy of the treatment.

Benefits of 3D Guided Dental Implants

High accuracy

The 3D guided technology helps in placing implants at the most suitable area in the jaw for a better treatment prognosis and avoids risk of damaging any important anatomical structures.

Lesser surgery time

The exact site of implant placement is pre planned. This makes the procedure easier and quicker than traditional implant placement.

Reduced post surgical complications

3D guided implant placement surgery reduces the chance of post-surgical complications like slight alteration in implant angulation, post-operative swelling and pain.

Faster healing

The procedure with 3D guided technology involves smaller cuts and fewer stitches compared to traditional implant placement.

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