Maintaining a healthy and straight smile.

Braces or metal brackets is considered as one of the treatment option used to straighten and align crooked or gaped teeth. This helps you look better, chew food properly and makes it easier for you to clean between teeth. Braces close gaps and align teeth by slowly pushing and pulling your teeth strategically to move them into their desired position. The treatment may take about 6 months to 3 years depending on the amount of correction required.

Types of Braces

Ceramic Braces

These are a popular esthetic treatment option for straightening teeth. Smaller tooth colored ceramic brackets are placed instead of traditional metal brackets. These are discreet and align teeth as effectively as traditional braces.

Lingual Braces

They are metal braces similar to traditional braces but placed on the backside of the teeth rather than the outer side of the teeth. They have an esthetic advantage as the braces cannot be seen and works as efficiently as traditional braces.

Damon Braces

They are a more effective and faster system of braces. They use self-ligating and gliding system. They do not require colorful elastic ties around the brackets to hold the arch wires, making the procedure more comfortable and fewer visits to the dental office. Damon braces use a memory system that slowly moves teeth with minimal pressure and discomfort.

Benefits of Braces

Better appearance

Braces help to straighten crooked or gapped teeth by gradually shifting them to a better position. They improve the appearance of your smile and significantly improve your self-esteem.

Easier to maintain oral hygiene

It is easier to brush and floss aligned teeth than crooked teeth. Proper brushing removes food lodgment and avoids the build up of deposits therefore maintaining good oral hygiene.

Prevents tooth decay and gum disease

By straightening your teeth, we can reduce the build up of bacteria and food debris on and between your teeth, as that is the major cause for decay and gum diseas

Prevent dental injuries

Teeth that are protruded are more prone to injury. Braces can push the teeth backwards to their ideal position and prevent chances for dental injuries.

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