Dental Implants

A dental implant is a great way to improve your smile!

Dental implants are artificial tooth root similar to a metal screw placed into the jawbone to hold artificial tooth or teeth. They are a treatment option for individuals who have lost tooth or teeth due to decay, gum disease or injury

Over a period of approximately 3-6 months, the jawbone that surrounds the implant grows and holds the screw securely in place. An artificial tooth is placed on the screw to complete the procedure. Implant supported teeth looks and feels almost like natural teeth.

Types of Dental Implants

Same day dental implants

They are an excellent esthetic restoration, bringing back the smile and confidence of the individual almost immediately. Like the name suggests an individual gets the implant and implant crown fixed in a single office visit. Same day dental implants are generally done for single tooth restorations.

3D guided dental implants

A revolutionary approach where the entire surgery is digitally evaluated planned and executed. This enables the dentist to complete the treatment with a higher level of accuracy and predictability. Often times the individual could get their new teeth on a single clinic visit.

All on 6 dental implants

They restore all missing teeth with minimum surgical invasion. All on 6 implant restores all teeth generally on the upper jaw with 6 implants. They regain your ability to eat and lead a confident life closest to that with natural teeth.

All on 4 dental implants

They are an ideal option for individuals requiring full mouth rehabilitation where all teeth in the upper or lower jaw are placed on just 4 implants. The implants are drilled into the jawbone at an angulation to ensure the whole set of teeth is secured in place.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Replica to natural teeth

Implants look like and feel like natural teeth because they are embedded into the jawbone.

Functions like natural teeth

Implants function like natural teeth, making chewing food as efficient as natural teeth.

Lasts life long

With good oral hygiene and care, implants can stay life long without any complications.

Makes speech easier

Dental implants makes speech easier, unlike removable dentures that interfere with normal speech.

No removal and cleaning required

Implant teeth are permanently fixed therefore do not require removal for cleaning and maintenance like dentures.

No adjacent teeth support required

Avoids the need for support and reshaping of adjacent teeth unlike traditional bridges.

Prevents bone loss

Bone in the missing space tends to wear out and thin over a period of time. Implants prevents the bone loss in the region where tooth is missing.

Maintains facial esthetics

Leaving missing teeth unattended causes bone loss and structural changes in a persons face and smile. This can be prevented by timely placement of implants.

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