Root Canal

Invest in root canals to save your teeth

We make sure your smile lasts a lifetime! 🙂

A root canal treatment is a procedure to remove infected inner most layer of pulp consisting of nerves from the decayed tooth roots. During the procedure, the canals are cleaned, disinfected and restored with a filling material. Root canal treatment saves an infected tooth from requiring a tooth removal by cleaning the bacteria from the canals and preventing the spread of infection further.

Although root canal treatment is a dreaded procedure, the fact is that it helps to eliminate pain from the first appointment. At Denta Care Clinic, we ensure our patients are well informed and our specialist endodontist evaluates your tooth and performs the procedure only if necessary.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Saves the tooth

A root canal treatment saves the tooth from being removed.

Relieves pain

Removing the infected soft core of nerves relieves pain and swelling almost immediately.

Maintains the harmony between teeth in the jaw

Removing the tooth if not treated can cause shifting of adjacent teeth that affects the alignment, which can cause chewing difficulties.

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