Teeth Cleaning

Make oral hygiene a priority.

A beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth.

Soon after tooth-brushing a soft layer of plaque starts forming on the tooth. It is a sticky soft deposit consist of bacteria and sugary food. It can be easily removed with normal tooth-brushing, if not removed routinely it can harden and become what is known as tartar or deposits or dental calculus.

Regular checkups is advised by dentist, to avoid buildup f plaque and calculus as, they a leading cause of cavity, gum disease and eventually tooth loss.

Presence of dental calculus for a long time can be a source of gum inflammation and bone loss over a period of time.

Teeth cleaning or scaling is an in-office dental procedure that removes deposits on teeth with the help of specialized ultrasonic instruments. The vibrations of these ultrasonic instruments help remove deposits from the surface of teeth and under the gums, that are hard to clean with routine brushing. Teeth cleaning instruments are known as ultrasonic scalers, that with the help of vibrations and water jet to remove deposits.

At Denta Care Clinic, we have a team of the best dentists who can do teeth cleaning for you. It is a simple and painless procedure that can be completed in a single appointment of less than 30 minutes.

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